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The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio has been in Middletown since 1947. Governed by a Board of Directors, the Council continues to provide safety education in schools, the workplace and community through a number of beneficial programs:


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Personal injuries cost the nation approximately 175 billion dollars per year. This program provides monthly occupational safety meetings open to anyone at no cost. Meeting topics include injury and illness prevention to help keep employees safe both at home and work. To learn more or download a meeting schedule click here.

The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio provides a state-approved remedial driving course for both adults and juveniles. The 8-hour Adult Remedial Course, 4-hour Abbreviated Adult Course (online only) and 6-hour Juvenile Remedial Course are offered regularly. To learn more or download a course schedule click here.

Children who will enter Kindergarten this fall are eligible for week-long Safety Town classes led by Middletown Police Officer Robyn Rawlins. The free classes are offered as morning or afternoon 2-hour sessions held at Amanda Elementary school. To learn more or download a flyer click here.

The Coalition is made up of 12 sectors of the community which work together to reduce alcohol and drug abuse by using the 7 Strategies of Environmental Change.

It focuses on prevention and youth – creating an environment that encourages and supports healthy decisions related to drug and alcohol use. To learn more or to join in the prevention efforts click here.

Butler County Safe Communities is funded by U.S. DOT/NHTSA and ODPS to address traffic-related crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Grant goals include:

  • Reduce impaired/distracted driving
  • Reduce risky behavior in teen drivers
  • Increase seat belt usage
  • Increase motorcycle awareness. 

To learn more or join these traffic safety efforts click here. 

Memberships into the Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio benefits your workplace as well as help your employees off-the- job in traffic, school and our community.

Membership benefits include discounts on any of our programs, worker’s compensation premium discounts (if qualified) and support for our community safety programs such as Safety Town. To learn more or download an application click here.

Welcome to the Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio!

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