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The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio has been in Middletown since 1947. Governed by a Board of Directors, the council continues to provide safety education in the schools, workplace and community for over 65 years.

Council History

We are data-driven to keep our programs focusing on the leading causes of injury and accidental deaths. Although motor vehicle crashes and falls in the elderly continue to rank in the top three for accidental deaths, accidental poisonings have surpassed motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of accidental death in Ohio.  Prescription drug abuse has contributed to this shift, especially in our young adult population.  As a result, the Coalition for a Healthy Middletown was added in 2008 to assess drug and alcohol use in the Middletown community, and use the information to implement environmental prevention strategies.

Our Occupational Safety Program remains committed to reducing injury and illness in the workplace by providing monthly safety meetings and training resources. Those who participate in the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation Safety Council Discount Program may receive up to a 4% discount on their BWC premiums.
The Council provided quality driver’s education for years, but eliminated this from its services in spring 2009. Traffic Safety continues to be a priority of the Council which provides both adult and juvenile remedial classes each month for driver improvement.
Funding for the non-profit comes from many sources. As of 2007, the Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio no longer receives any funding from United Way for operating costs, thus forcing the Council to rely more heavily on grants to support our community programs and staff. Safety Council Membership also helps us to provide educational safety programs such as Safety Town, and other traffic, school, and occupational initiatives to save lives and prevent injury in our community.

Board Members

Steve Bohannon, Treasurer
Tom Brickey, President
Sarah Bryant
Barbara Coppock
Ed Dobrozsi
Valerie Griffin
Amy King
Bryan Lansaw
Paul Lolli, Vice President
Rodney Muterspaw
David Wilson


Staff Members

Kristy Duritsch

Kristy Duritsch
Executive Director; Training Manager

Lisa Haines

Lisa Haines

Terri Magill

Terri Magill
Office Manager


Carol Lucio
Butler County Safe Communities Coordinator


Charles Hartman

Charles Hartman
Remedial Driving Instructor


Benedict Njoku
Coalition for a Healthy Middletown Project Coordinator


 Get In Touch

You can also contact the Safety Council directly via phone, fax, or email:

Telephone:  (513) 423-9758

Fax: (513) 423-9759

Email:  info@safetycouncilswohio.org

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The Safety Council is located at 1050 Central Ave., Middletown OH, 45044, between BeauVerre Riordin Stained Glass Studios and Miss Selby's Soaps. Street parking is available in front of the building, and the entrance is between the green awnings. The Safety Council offices are on on the 2nd floor.

Safety Council Office Location
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