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Safety Town Kids Pedal Cars

The week long program is FREE and offered several weeks over the summer in 2-hour sessions. Classes are held at Amanda Elementary School at 1300 Oxford State Rd. Children enjoy classroom instruction, videos, a trip to the Fire Department on a school bus and drive pedal cars through a child-sized village in the school gym.

The object of Safety Town is to learn how to safely get to and from school whether on buses, walking or riding with parents. Observers note that the shy, hesitant 5-year-olds who enter the program on Monday leave on Friday as enthusiastic expert pedal car drivers who follow street signs very well! Children meet Mike the Bike, ride on the Big Yeller Feller and are enthusiastic in helping parents also follow the rules. 

Middletown Police Officer Robyn Stone


Safety Town has been a rite of passage for incoming Kindergartners for many years. The Jack Combs Memorial Safety Town was started by Harvey Poff of the Middletown City Police Department in 1977 in response to several accidents involving children going to and from school. 

The program was led by Poff until 1984, when Officer Mike Davis took over. Officer Davis retired from the Middletown Police Department in 2011 after serving as “Mayor of Safety Town” for 26 years. He was followed by Officers Salm and King, and now Officer Robyn Rawlins is in charge at Safety Town!

Middletown Police Officer Mike Davis

Officer Mike Davis retired from the Middletown Police Department after 44 years of service in 2011 and passed away in November 2013. As School Resource Officer for 26 years, he was always ready to help when it came to safety & children. He was an integral part of the Safety Council for years. Best known for running Safety Town, he also implemented safety programs on Safety Patrol, Guns, Bus and Seat belts in our schools.

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Independent Insurance Agents of Middletown, Atrium Medical Center and Middletown Community Foundation provide ongoing support to this wonderful program. 

Thanks to all the sponsors who have advertising on the houses, cars and t-shirts for Safety Town. Be sure to thank them next time you visit their establishment! 

Safety Town Kids Class
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